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This site is dedicated to all those maniacs who spend their spare time getting covered in black muck under the bonnet of an old car for the pleasure and thrill of keeping a piece of automotive history on the road, and having a bit of fun in the process.

My name is Bob and this is my car which has been rebuilt, poked, prodded, hacked up, welded and generally rehashed by myself using all of my time and a great deal of money I didn't have to start with.

In particular, follow these links to see the mods I have done.

5 speed gearbox conversion

Telescopic rear shock conversion

Fuel injection conversion

Reshell on LHD chassis



The car is a MG Midget 1500 1976 and has been restored and lightly modified for improved performance.

You can see some more pics of my car. Click on the thumbnail below to see a bigger version of them.


PDF Technical Documents

PPC Article on My EFI Midget

Type 9 Gearbox Rebuild Info

Fitting a Gearbox Adapter

Fitting a Panhard Rod

Tuning Triumph Engines

Tuning BMC Sports Cars

Tuning SU Carburettors

Supercharging Guide

Intermittent Wiper Controller


24Hr Le Mans 2007

Alexander Palace March 2005

Stondon Museum May 2005

I also want to do a quick plug for the MG Cars BBS where I have got so much help and support for the above.


Happy Spridgeting





A link to my company website


Experts in legionella and control of legionnaires disease

The Spridget Webring

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